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Pet Policy:

A "Pet" does not slither, fly, hop or meow. It's not a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler.

There is a Pet Cleaning Fee of $100 minimum.

Please read completely for details.

At The Acorn Inn your dog is always welcome. However, there are some simple rules listed below you‘ll need to follow during your stay. In addition to our rules you are also responsible for following all local laws and regulations.
1. Only domestic dogs 40lbs and under are allowed to stay at The Acorn Inn.
2, While our rooms are spacious, no more than 1 domestic dog is allowed per room.
3. When you check in, let the front desk staff know you’ll have a dog in your room. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash or in a carrier if they’re outside your room.
4. Your dog shall remain within your control at all times, either on a leash or in a carrier. A dog may remain alone in a guestroom so long as the pet is well-behaved and in a kennel. However, if your pet is disturbing other guests/staff or causing damage, then it cannot be left alone and must remain in your control.
5. Please contact Housekeeping to make arrangements for room cleaning. Because we can’t clean your room while you and your dog are present, we suggest you schedule a time during the hotel’s normal cleaning schedule for us to clean while you are out and about. (Maybe this is an appropriate time to think about a walk?)
6. In consideration for other guests, please clean up after your dog, and keep them within your control at all times.
7. We count on you to prevent your dog from making excessive noise, being disruptive or aggressive to other guests. If your pet is deemed dangerous, harmful or disruptive, hotel management has sole discretion to require you to find other accommodations. The hotel also reserves the right to contact animal control to have a pet removed.
8. A non refundable pet cleaning fee of $100 will be applied to your room.
9. If your room requires excessive cleaning, or if damages are incurred because of your dog’s actions, the hotel may charge for additional services and repairs.

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