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Rates, Discounts and Promotions, Oh My!

Seriously, how do we as business owners price ourselves competitively, give great value and make a living commiserate to the investment!?

Well, we give as much as we can for the amount we charge; that's number one.

AND we try to price ourselves "competitively" without giving up the farm. Its become standard in our industry to have dynamic pricing based on demand. The airlines started this and it makes sense from a business perspective but how do potential Guest Perceive it? Is it offensive?

Probably, but only if its an increase! If its a decrease most of us as consumers are on board!

Moving forward we are trying it; looking at the market often and comparing it to what we have on the books for reservations and changing pricing accordingly. So stay tuned and plan ahead to see some great Rates being offered!

So tonight I put one out there for $124!

For comparison Drury is $120 and the Inn at Elon is $296!

That,s a slam dunk, for only $4 to be 2 miles closer to campus!

and $176 LESS than the Inn at Elon!!!

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