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Long Term Stays now an option!

When Satan gives you lemons 🍋 (COVID-19)

God 🙏🏼 says make Lemonade! (The Phone rings and emails come in with a service you can provide!)

Students resort to alternative housing this fall

Some students no longer studying abroad are living in the Acorn Inn as on and off campus housing fills up

By Margaret Faust | 7/27/20 5:16pm

so here are some excerpts from Ms Faust article;

Some Acorn Inn hotel rooms have been transformed to be more permanent resident-friendly. A video of the longterm leasing suites on the inn's website, more storage can be seen so students have space to store their belongings. Other amenities include a living room with a TV, a private bathroom, a microwave and minifridge and one dedicated parking space.

Member Manager of the Acorn Inn Micheal Brown said the idea to change hotel rooms to long term leases was two-fold. 

“When COVID came calling a lot of people's plans changed … so it allows them an opportunity they didn't have for housing,” Brown said. 

This plan also allows the Acorn Inn to make up for lost business. 

“For us it offers stability in the marketplace because the overnight business pretty much came to a screeching halt,” Brown said.  

This fall, students living at Acorn Inn will not have the luxuries of typical hotel living. In Jaffe’s lease, there are restrictions on things that Jaffe said would be allowed in on-campus housing. For example, tenants can’t have more than two guests, they must sign up for laundry times and nothing — including pictures — can be attached to the walls.

Brown said the Acorn Inn will increase their cleaning in common spaces to keep guests and long term leases safe. 

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